What is the main difference between compassion fatigue and burnout?

The difference between compassion fatigue and exhaustion is its origin. More specifically, compassion fatigue originates from dealing with victims of trauma, and burnout is caused by occupational stress and overwork. In exploring the question of what compassion fatigue is, we recognize that it's not the same thing as exhaustion. Compassion fatigue and exhaustion are two types of stress that cause mental, physical and emotional exhaustion for those working in Home Care in Midlothian VA.The signs of compassion fatigue are headaches, sadness, pain, avoiding working with certain people, nightmares, and changes in belief systems.

They may also experience an emotional disconnect with other people. Compassionate fatigue is a broad term that encompasses two components: exhaustion and secondary traumatic stress. The present study aims to identify “exhaustion” and “compassion fatigue” among doctors who care for people suffering from medical illnesses. The symptoms of this condition are normal manifestations of chronic stress.

In doctors, these are the result of a strong identification with people who demand a lot of time, who are helpless, who suffer or who are traumatized. Compassion fatigue has symptoms similar to those of exhaustion. Compassion fatigue is a concern to absorb trauma and emotional stress from others, and this creates secondary traumatic stress in the person who helps. Compassion fatigue can be defined as the emotional residue of exposure when working with those who suffer the consequences of traumatic events.

The prolonged exposure caused by listening to clients' traumatic stories makes you susceptible to compassionate fatigue and isn't always easy to identify. Compassion Fatigue and exhaustion can cause very serious problems, such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. When this happens, you deserve help. Talk to your doctor about options, such as counseling.

The onset also separates the two conditions. Compassion fatigue can occur right after a nurse experiences secondary trauma. Burnout usually develops over time as work stress builds up.

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