How can aging adults care for themselves at home?

Does the older adult need help with household tasks, such as cleaning the house, working in the garden, going to the grocery store, or doing the laundry? Some grocery stores and pharmacies accept orders over the phone or online and deliver them to a person's home, and it's possible that someone you know has a homemaker or gardener to recommend you. Another option is laundry and dry cleaning services that pick up and deliver clothes. Respite services provide short-term care for an older adult at Home Care in St. Petersburg FL, in a health care facility, or at an adult day care center. By actively participating in opportunities for social participation, older adults can experience better mental well-being, a sense of belonging, and an enriched social life.

With the goal of protecting the rights and interests of older adults, AARP's promotion addresses issues such as Social Security, Medicare and age discrimination, ensuring that the voices and needs of older adults are represented at the local, state and national levels. This tool is a valuable resource for older adults to access reliable, evidence-based information, including a variety of health issues, benefits and compensations, housing and transportation. In addition, respite services provide short-term care for an older adult at home when there is no regular caregiver available. In addition, the guide highlights the specialized long-term care programs and services offered by the VA, such as geriatric evaluation, home telehealth and supportive care.

The mission of the Dignity At Home Fall Prevention Program is to reduce the number of debilitating falls experienced by older adults and people with disabilities. It also addresses issues related to veterans' specific health conditions, mental health support, and end-of-life care options. The purpose of the activities is to encourage participants with a limited budget to choose healthy foods, decrease social isolation, and increase the general well-being and self-esteem of older adults. How people pay for care depends on their financial situation, their eligibility for assistance programs, and the types of services they use. Contact your local agency that deals with aging (described above) for information about Meals on Wheels programs in your community.

Public transportation agencies often offer discounted fares and other services for older adults and people with disabilities. You may find that you can't provide enough medical care or that you can't be there all the time the way your loved one needs. By encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing, NIA contributes to a better understanding of aging and helps improve the lives of older adults who live alone.

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